Why do I need a Google Account?

 ClueKeeper runs on the Google Cloud Platform, and as such, it uses your Google Account for account verification and connecting you to your ClueKeeper data. We ask only for access to your email address, which we use as your primary account identifier, as well as to send transactional emails and occasional email updates (to only those who have opted into receiving them).

Signing in with Google actually provides more security for you than if we were to have our own login and password system, as this way we have no access to your password, and you can even revoke our access to your Google Account at any time! This allows Google to take care of your account security, while we can focus on building a better platform.

What if I don’t want to use my Google Account?

 If you still don’t want to use your existing Google Account for any reason, you can simply play as a guest in the mobile app without creating an account at all. However, if you play a hunt as a guest, you will only have access to that hunt from the device you played on, and you will not be able to access your results on the website unless the hunt coordinator decides to share a public link to the results after the hunt. We believe there is a lot to be gained by having a complete record of your hunt history, so we recommend creating a ClueKeeper account unless you have a particularly good reason not to do so.

How does forming a team work?

 When you download a hunt onto your phone, you will have the option to create a team name and add members to your team. You can only add team members that also have ClueKeeper accounts, so be sure to have them sign up before you add them. The results of the hunt will be available online for all team members, not just the one who was using the ClueKeeper app.

Does my phone need to have an internet connection throughout the hunt?


It depends. If the hunt you are playing is using online mode (as determined by the hunt creator), than it will be necessary for any player that wants to submit an answer or perform any other state-changing operation to be connected to the internet. However, if the hunt you are playing is not using the online option, then as long as you have a connection at the beginning of the hunt (to download the clues) and at the end of the hunt (to upload your hunt data), everything in between works fine without a connection. If you are playing a hosted hunt in
this mode, though, the organizers will appreciate it if your device is online, since it will periodically update them with your progress. Also, if you reboot your phone, you’ll briefly need a data connection to re-sync with our server.

What if there is an issue with the hunt I’m playing?


Feel free to
contact UAE first. If it’s related to puzzles within the games, we know the
answers. 602-632-1542 or
[email protected]


If it’s technical
support, then please contact ClueKeeper at 1-844-99-CLUES (1-844-992-5837) or
[email protected]

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