What is 3Clue1?

Three Clue One is a way for people across the country to play Escape Room and Scavenger Hunt type games on their smart device. It is the sister company United Escapes of America, the largest Escape Room facility in the world.

This site was designed as a place to get information about the availability of games and to learn about more opportunities for fun and excitement.

Have fun, enhance your vacation stays, and be challenged on your smart devices while you adventure throughout Tourist Attractions, Cities, States, and our beautiful Country.

Steps and Pricing

Steps: 1. Download ClueKeeper:

Create a ClueKeeper account for yourself, and have your teammates do the same.

2. Purchase Game

You’ll get further instructions from the hunt Confirmation Email

3. Use Email Code
One the Start page, enter the code in your paid receipt email

4. Add your Team
The : at the top right of the screen, dropdown menu

5. Play & Have Fun!
You will go straight into your game. Be sure to read the hunt information clearly before you get started.


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