Custom Games


Looking to make information more fun? It’s called Gamification! It’s the new way to learn and teach the ever changing technological society we are building. Turn your classroom into a game room and make your employees happier than ever to be learning and understanding what your company cares about most!

Non Profits

Looking for a way for donors to contribute more. Create a game just for them and your current need or project. Make all the important information into a game and watch them play along and open their pockets for a new found adventure.


Have a great tourist spot and want to offer your guests and even more enhanced experience while adding to your bottom line with little initial capital, give us a call, we LOVE making attraction games, it’s how we got started!

Types of Options with Pricing

Depending on the number of items, pictures, trivia, and augmented realities you would like used in the game itself, options start as little as $300 with site visits and testing. Location and Size are the most important factors, but good news, it’s only a 1 time capital cost, and the benefit stays with you as long as you want to use the game. We have been using our games for years with no need for adjustments.

Time Frames

The time frame of your project really lies in your control. The sooner we are working on your games, the less stressed you are to have it done before your deadline. Our side usually takes about a week from information gathering to tested and live. Some months are busier than others, and we will give you a solid timeframe once your details of your game are worked out.



If you have any questions at all, always feel free to contact our main line and we will get you to the right people.